The Energy Booster You Require For The Remaining 6 Months Is Right Here!


As the year comes to a close, many People panic, especially when the first six months of the year elapses. I have a word of encouragement to all those who have not yet achieved much this year. See below the Listed Practical Boosters that will help you finish the race, a successful race, through to 2017.

1. Exploit your full potential.
There is need for you to sit down and analyze how you utilize your twenty four hours every day. It is good to know that every second counts. You need to allocate some time to blogging, exercising, giving back to God, giving back to the society, praying andreading a book or a motivational read among other daily day-booster activities. At the end of each old day, Cultivate a culture of developing a to- do list and prepare for the next day. I advise, sleep early and rise up early.

2. Always be a problem solver
Life is full of tasks and assignments that need execution. Looking for / offering solutions to these tasks are verykey for success. If you are an employee or you report to a senior, don't just give up on your problems, issues of your work or what is wrong in your company. Instead, if you want to rise in your career ladder, identify problems and offer solutions. Always select the language to use when identifying these Solutions. Every employer looks forward to get an employee who is focused on fixing a problem ,not just critiquing a problem.

3. Focus on your final results/ Goals
Develop plans, strategies and vision on how to arrive to your goals. Never lose focus on your destination at any given time. They say, if the plan is not working, Change the plan, Not the Goal. Think outside the box to achieve your desired results.

4. Take charge of your Life.
Don't allow your life to be controlled by external factors and forces; your friends or your environment. If you are not sure of any next step you want to take, be bold and courageous to consult. It is very wise to Seek for advice; see[ how you can take charge of your life.

5. Keep your boss happy and proud of you.
In any workplace, there will always be that one person who is your senior; someone better than you, someone you report to on your day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, many people refute this fact. Now you know! The earlier you accept this, the better for you. It is very easy to please your boss. To achieve this, Be a solution provider, Be innovative and Be creative towards achieving the organization's vision and goals. You can do this by respecting and honoring your boss and also by being obedientand meeting your performance targets & timelines as stipulated in your job Contract.One of the top secrets on how you can actually winyour boss is to always defend them in case of a crisis, avoid backbiting them and giving them the required support. It's that simple!

6. Romance with your work
Love what you do, desire every day to do it, make it fun and enjoy it. This will only happen when we hold to the right positive attitude towardsour work. Let positive mental attitude control your whole system. Don't complicate life. Life is too short to be complicated.

7. Love your company/ Workplace.
It is very important for you as an employee of your organization that you be the Number 1 brand champion/ Campaigner of the company you work for. Always be ready, prepared, willing & committed to defend the organization you work for. To make it even better, always defend your boss, your products and be ready to die for your employer. Let this passion be seen in your social media platforms through hyping and postings,Through Branding among others. Always remember, your employer is key towards your financial freedom and independence.

8. Improve on your creativity
It's Important that you create time to think out of the four walls of your workplace or house, allow your mind to create visions, new things and new ways of doing what you want to do. As you think and rethink, write down those ideas and discover the next BIG thing in your life, in your employment and in what you do in your day to day activities.

9. Say a big NO to selfishness
It's important to have an abundance mentality, it's important to be a giver; a giver of time, money, space and resources. Life is not always about receiving. Life is about giving and receiving. Think of others and they will also think about you. Be accommodative, appreciate other people and respect what they do. Don't be quick to water down what other people do. Be a lifter or a thruster and they will thrust you too

10. Be intentional about Success
Success does not just happen, we make it happen. Allow all your decisions to be based on success. It's important that you learn to plan ahead and share your vision ahead, write your goals and keep the energy and vigor. Never procrastinate your actions . They say, Procrastination is a mother of failures.

George Wachiuri
CEO Optiven Group
Entrepreneur, Author, Motivator, Philanthropist, Family Man, Lecturer, Astute Businessman, Founder - Optiven Foundation and Church Elder

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0 #2 Roderick 2016-08-05 14:28
You are a role model and a mentor. Am looking forward to the inception of the program so as to pitch my ideas and be one of you. I like being around winners
0 #1 Emily 2016-07-19 08:28
Great article, thank you for insiration Sir.



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