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Reasons Why Kenya Won’t Experience A Property Bubble Burst Soon 256
How to start a business with Ksh.1000 280
How to carry out due diligence on a real estate firm 218
8 Financial Tips for Young Adults 407
How To Deal With Hunger In Kenya 160
Why Invest In Kajiado Town? 414
9 Challenges to worry about while investing in real estate in Kenya 458
Optiven woos Kenyans living in Canada to invest in Kenya 352
How Chamas Can Invest Together 941
The Power of Sharing – One Million Entrepreneurs by the Year 2035 736
Enterprise of the Week 511
How Does Optiven Balance Between Profitability And Corporate Social Responsibility? 1323
How can a Youth Prosper in Entrepreneurship 1866
The Energy Booster You Require For The Remaining 6 Months Is Right Here! 754
Who Stops Your Growth? 1148
Did You Know That Children Can Own Property? 884
Causes of Land price rise over the past 16 years 1608
How to conquer self-insecurity 705
Are you a Philanthropist? 626
A Millionaire In The Making 1008
The Power Of Positive Thinking 1144
The Top Notch Qualities of A Business Converter 740
How to Register a Company in Kenya 2399
Tenders Registration and Application 985
E-Citizen Registration 1073
1 Million Entrepreneurs Arise - Creating over 1 million Entrepreneurs by 2035 1120
This is what it will take Kenya to address youth unemployment 973
Must-have attributes of a good sales person/marketer 1126
Here’s how to make it in business 1883
Climbing the ladder of success 2107
How To Better Your Life 1319
Why You Should Invest In Africa's Fastest-Growing Country 1405
Land Acquisition in Kenya 4271
How to Start Small and Build a Business Empire 3477
How To Grow Your Business 1935
Philanthropy For The Changing World 2085
Developing World Class Standard Gauge Railway 2253
How To Make Business Work 2205
Do Not Die A Thief 2666
Stop Carrying Emotional Baggage!!!!! 1999
Maintaining Success on investments in the Year 2015...Nuggets! 1728
How To Sustain Success In 2015 2089
The New Year Is Over- What Next? 1650
Great Promise To Mother Nature 3188
Optiven Foundation In the League of Big Hearted Philanthropic Greats 4638
Social Media and Business 4099
Situations that successful businesses people undergo 2083
How to be successful and wealthy – Simple habits 4626
How to stay motivated 1707
How to Be successful Entrepreneur 2896
Stand Apart From the Crowd 3855
Who are you? 943
Self Discovery 1220
What To Do When People Say You Are Successful 993
What you do in your first 12 Minutes when you wake up 2207
God does not reject you 823
Kenya has become the desired Goldmine 992
Invest in Somebody Today 1192
How do we remain humble 1514
How To Make Your Day Shine 2249
Potential within you 1046
Space of Generosity and Collaboration 957
Everything You can Imagine is Real 985
Time - The Scarce Resource 1419
How to Negotiate a Property Deal 2362
How God respond to our prayers 859
Inside you are seeds of greatness 3667
Life is a going concern. Let's Guard it. 1017
Real Estate Opportunities in Kenya 5378
Unlocking The Massive Potential Of Mombasa Port 1696
Kenya's oil deposits can run her for 300 years 28620
How Nairobi can save Ksh 50 Million a day 2136
What does the uptake of Eurobond in Kenya mean? 4740
Choosing A Property For Medium & Long Term Investment 2192
My Investment Property! Should I Sell Or Keep It? 3454
How to be happy 1131
How To Market Your Business With Little Or No Capital 1853
Businesses You Can Start With No or Little Capital 2084
Do it yourself and Work From Home 1680
What Causes Business to Succeed and Prosper 4925
Here are 15 things that bold leaders never do 2820
Discipline Of Persistence 18628
Discipline of Excellent Health Habit 1299
Discipline of Hard Work 1096
Discpline of Continous Learning 1140
Discipline Of Daily Goal Setting 1648
Discipline Of Daily Planning 1281
Discipline of Regular Savings 1648
Get Rid of The Poverty Mindset 2959
Do Not Allow Money To Motivate You 1450
Sorround Yourself With Millionaires 1131
Shift Focus From Spending To Investing 2512
Work Like a Millionaire 1429
Creating Multiple Flow Income 1294
How to Improve/Develop Your Self Esteem 2184
How To Overcome Low Self Esteem 1597



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Optiven woos Kenyans living in Canada to invest in Kenya

News and Events :: Published on 10-10-2016

Optiven woos Kenyans living in Canada to invest in Kenya

The investment opportunities for Kenyans in the diaspora are numerous, yet many are oblivious of these avenues where they can channel their funds for capital gain. Kenyans in the diaspora are often in need of information on key areas of investment that they can explore back home. It is with... Read more


The 100% proceeds of this book goes to charity(towards educating the poor children)
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